Art Deco 1910 – 1925


The BBC Marquette c. 1910


The BBC Alexandria c. 1910


The BBC Hudson c. 1911


The BBC Kling c. 1916


The BBC Grand c. 1918

Arcade 3

The BBC Arcade c. 1923

The BBC Elmo c. 1925

Notice the bridge between the Arts and Craft designs and these early Art Deco models. The term, “Art Deco” had not been coined when the Alexandria, Hudson, Kling and Arcade models were introduced, but the following description from the Brunswick-Blake-Collender 1914 and 1923 catalogs says it all.

“This magnificent design marks a new era in the highest class of billiard table construction and ornamentation. It carries a suggestion of the classic Greek and ancient Egyptian, touching a period when the Oriental splendor bid fair to outrival the more classic tones and studied effects characterizing the era when Athens claimed the right to school the world in literature and art. The severely plain in furniture is now giving way to the lighter and more artistic coloring effects of inlaid decorations.”

Jumbo construction was offered in 4’ x 8’; 4-1/2’ x 9’; 5’ x 10’ and 6’x 12’ sizes in carom, snooker, pool or combination carom and pool configurations. A six-leg option and 1-1/2″ thick slate were also available.

The standard veneer on the Alexandria was Circausian Walnut. The Hudson and Kling were offered in book matched Walnut butts and African Mahogany, however, a few were built in Oak. The Arcade was generally built in Mahogany. The inlay strips were White and Black Holly with the rest of the inlay being Mother-of-Pearl.

Always favorites with collectors and players, these tables were among the very finest ever built. A better example of construction techniques cannot be found.

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