The Chas. Passow Old Mission c. 1904

The BBC Ramada c. 1904

The BBC St. Bernard Mission c. 1906

The BBC Carmel c. 1908

The Buckeye Mission c. 1910

The Mission style evolved from the Arts and Crafts styles as they came from Europe and England around 1900. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie school of architecture, as well as Green and Green’s California Bungalows, influenced furniture makers to build simple designs with little or no ornamentation, straight forward construction and function.

The most recognized Mission style furniture manufacture was Gustav Stickley. He preferred to call his designs Craftsman and worked mostly in quarter-sawn Oak. Though the style was very popular, it peaked before 1915.

Most of the billiard manufactures borrowed from the California Missions for inspiration utilizing the large arches and overhangs supported by beams that were reminiscent of rectangular corbels. The finishes were more rustic. Ebonizing was popular along with Burnt Umber and Sienna stains made by rusting nails and iron in water.

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