Victorian 1837-1901

The August Jungblut Eureka c. 1875

The BBC Nonpareil c. 1880

The BBC Monarch c. 1884

The Jacob Strahle Regency c. 1885

The BBC Brilliant Novelty c. 1885

The August Jungblut Rococo c. 1885

The Jacob Strahle Eastlake c. 1889

Billiard tables manufactured during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria are generally considered Victorian–although this is a very broad mix of styles sometimes mixing Rococo Revival, Renaissance Revival, Eastlake and Queen Anne.

Ornamentation of these tables is normally floral and/or geometric inlays of contrasting wood veneers. However, some tables reflect more simple use of veneered raised panels or plaques and light spoon-carving prominent with Eastlake and Renaissance Revival designs.

San Francisco manufacturers Jacob Strahle and August Jungblut leaned towards carved cabriole legs as their first choice; whereas, east coast manufactures chose octagon, or four-sided curved and round turned legs. Nearing the end of this period, some legs were cast in iron to resemble lions, devils, horses, dragons, elephants and maidenheads.

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